About Us

Secure Your Data provides online and offline backup solutions for companies in Australia and other parts of the world. Today, our service is ranked among the top in the industry because we understand that the needs of each individual and organisation is different. We offer a wide range of PC backup services and backup system that reflect those demands.

When it comes to backup infrastructure, ours is flexible, scalable, and affordable. It is not surprising that an increasing number of companies are choosing Secure Your Data to safeguard the important files of their organisations. Here are other advantages you can expect from us:

Sophisticated Infrastructure – at Secure Your Data, we have state-of-the-art technologies that protect your data against hacking, fire hazards, and other risks. You can be rest assured that your data will remain safe with us.

Affordable Prices – unlike other companies that offer the same service, Secure Your Data aims to offer excellent value for your money. That’s why we have backup system packages that are suitable for small enterprises, medium-scale users, and large companies. You’re sure to get the best prices when you choose our company.

Friendly Customer Support – when it comes to customer service, there is no other name that stands out more than Secure Your Data in this industry. We take your concerns and queries seriously. Our team answers questions in a timely manner and most issues are resolved within 24 hours.


Who is Secure Your Data?

Secure Your Data is a private company that was started by Andrew Pert. As a computer professional, Andrew was well aware of the importance of data backups, but years ago, he just never made the time to do them. Life was busy. Other things got in the way.

Until one day…

Data loss got in the way. Photos, videos and important data were gone. It was an important lesson that led to the birth of a new business: Secure Your Data.

Andrew decided that backing up data had to be something that was so simple and so easy that there would be no reason not to do it. He didn’t want other business owners to go through what he had gone through.

After significant development and investment, Secure your Data was created. A safe, secure, reliable and easy backup solution.

Also, rather than just provide outstanding software, he wanted to provide outstanding customer service as well. And that’s what he does, day in and day out.

In fact, you can contact us right now.