Online Backup FAQ

As a business owner, why is it important to complete online backups?

80% of small - medium businesses in Australia don't have a regular, secure off-site backup system, and some of these businesses go out of business because they have lost years of data due to computer failure, natural disasters, fire, floods, accidental deletion or theft. By having a regular online backup with a reputable backup company, you have peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, all your data is safely backed up.

I have my files backed up at work, is that okay?

Not really, offsite backup is vital, and here’s why. When you have your data backed up on hardware at your premises, you run the risk of losing that data in the event of a fire or other natural disaster. That’s why a complete online backup is so convenient. If it’s important for you to back up information onto hardware, then it’s best to have these stored at an offsite data storage facility, locked away in a safe that is fire-proof and explosion-proof.

Are the Secure Your Data backups automatic?

Yes. Our system installs a small program on your computer and it runs whenever you schedule it to run. If you want it to run at 3am, simply set it, then forget it. It will complete an online computer backup every day at 3am without you lifting a finger.

Are your servers secure?

Yes, 100% secure.

Does anyone else have access to my data, including the staff at Secure Your Data?

No. Your information is encrypted on your computer before it is transfered so it can only be read by someone in your office using our system.

What happens when I reach my data limit?

If you get to your limit, don’t worry, your data won’t be cut off. Your data level will be automatically increased and you will be contacted by us. You will then be given a choice of staying at that new level, or removing some items from your pack. Remember, your computer backup will not be compromised if you reach your data limit.

Can I change my option of increasing or decreasing the amount of data I store?

Yes, during your 12 month contract you have the option of increasing or decreasing the amount of data you store, and the pricing will be adjusted accordingly. This applies to both the online storage and the offsite data hardware storage.

What are some of the facts and statistics related to system disasters and their impact on business?

40% of businesses struck by a major system disaster go out of business within 5 years (Gartner)51% of businesses experienced some form of system disaster in 2004. (Veritas)In the event of a system disaster, the impact on businesses is profound, and in some cases leads to its own set of business disasters; that’s why remote backups are so important.

Other companies offer free 2GB of online storage. Why don’t you?

We’d rather be honest and upfront so that you can make an informed decision. Most businesses fill a 2GB quota very quickly, which means that you’ll need to pay the next level plan sooner rather than later. The problem is that the next level plan with most other companies is substantially higher than our prices. We’d rather just charge you reasonable prices for all your data backup plans, rather than offering one for free, and the rest for an arm and a leg.

What is encryption?

This is where your data is scrambled to avoid being read or deciphered by anyone. For a secure backup, all data must be encrypted.

Why is your online storage hacker-proof?

Our system is safe from hackers because the data is encrypted and compressed before it leaves your computer not when it gets to our server; which means it can’t be hacked into during the transfer. And of course, once it’s on our server, it’s 100% secure.

Do I have full control over when I can access and restore my data?

Yes. As a business owner you need your data fast, we get that. That’s why with Secure Your Data you can perform data retrieval at any time, with minimal fuss.

Am I charged to restore or retrieve my data?

Absolutely not. We do not insist that you pay a fee to retrieve your own data. It’s your data, you shouldn’t be slugged with a fee to retrieve it.

Can I change my service level plan to suit my circumstances?

Yes, you can change your backup requirements at any time by contacting us.

Can I speak to someone over the phone if I have any questions or concerns?

Absolutely! Just because your data is encrypted, doesn’t mean that our customer service should be too. When you deal with Secure Your Data, you can pick up the phone and call us if you have backup questions, concerns or feedback. Rest assured, you are a valued customer to us, not encrypted data.

Why don’t you publish the address of your premises?

We are located in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. For security purposes we don’t advertise our exact location.

To ask any further questions (to a person, not a computer) contact SECURE YOUR DATA today.