Offline Backups

Do you have a lot of data that are stored in CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, or hard drives? If so, then offsite backup might be the right solution for you. Here at Secure Your Data, we aim to meet the needs of various customers. Unlike other data security companies that offer only online backups, we have remote physical backup packages that are secure and easy on the budget.

We can receive your physical storage drives in two ways:


  • Via postal mail
  • We pick it up for free (in selected areas)


They will arrive safely in our facilities located in Melbourne, Victoria where they’ll go directly to our fire-proof safes.

If you have concerns or queries about how offsite backup solutions work, please feel free to contact us today. With Secure Your Data, all information that is entrusted to us is in good hands.


Remote data storage of CDs, DVDs & HDDs; ideal for photographers and videographers

At Secure Your Data, we understand that many businesses and professionals such as professional photographers and videographers still utilise physical backup options such as CDs, DVDs and HDDs due to data sizes and hard drive space limitations.

We also understand that these same people don’t want to risk storing data on their own premises, and with good reason!

Does this sound like you? If so, Secure Your Data can help.


How does remote data storage work?


You can send us your CDs, DVDs and HDDs via
registered post. They’ll arrive safely at our
office in Melbourne, Victoria, and they’ll go
straight into our fire-proof safes.



We can pick up your data for a fee.


All DVDs, CDs and HDDs are kept in professional safes that are secure, fire proof and explosion proof.

If you’re interested, we also sell CDs, DVDs and HDDs at an excellent rate.

If you have more questions about how the offsite storage works, please contact SECURE YOUR DATA today. We’ll make sure that your data is out of your premises, out of your mind, and in good hands.