Online Backups

For many years, Secure Your Data has been focused on providing computer backup services. We have grown to become one of the top names in the industry. Our products are highly innovative and advanced, enabling clients to have the best data backup service locally. As more companies use online backup and offsite backup services, we've updated our packages to give you the most suitable deals.

Whether you run a small business, medium-scale enterprise, or a large corporation, you're sure to find a great package here. Check out our product pages to choose which storage capacity is best for your needs. Aside from our products, you're sure to be impressed with the level of support you receive from our staff as well. We guide you from start to finish so no technical detail is too challenging.

So if you're looking for online backup Australia, look no further. Secure Your Data has the complete package.

Need online computer backups that are automatic, safe and hacker-proof?

Then online computer backups from Secure Your Data are for you, because:


  • Our servers are 100% secure, giving you peace of mind.
  • All your data is encrypted, keeping it safe from unwanted eyes, including ours.
  • All information is compressed, potentially reducing your internet bill.
  • It’s easy to use - set it and forget it.
  • We have cost-effective plans from $10.00 p/month, saving you money.


How do the automatic computer backups work?

The first step to trusting an online computer backup business is by understanding the backup process.


Our system installs a small program on your computer.

In a few easy clicks, you will schedule regular, automatic computer backups to run whenever you want them to, for example, every day at 3am. Set this once, then forget about it.

During the backup, your information is encrypted, then compressed.

It travels over the internet safely (because it’s already been encrypted).

Your data arrives at our server where it is stored fully encrypted, ready for easy retrieval.



In a few easy clicks you start the restore process.

Your information is sent safely (because it is still encrypted with your password) and quickly over the internet (how quickly depends on your internet speed)

Your files are uncompressed and decrypted when they get to your computer and put back either where they came from or where you want them to go.

You can access individual documents or whole files quickly and easily.