Why Choose Secure Your Data?

  • Your information is safe from hackers. Your information is safe from hackers because it is encrypted and compressed before it is sent to us, not when it gets to us; meaning that your confidential information is safe during the data transfer.


  • You have 100% security and privacy. Your data cannot be viewed by anyone, including our staff, because it is both encrypted and password protected. The unique password is set by you, and data can only be accessed with the password.


  • You can save loads of time, and as a result, loads of money. If you or your staff are wasting valuable time doing manual backups, or your information is being backed up onsite (where it can be easily stolen or destroyed in the event of a fire or natural disaster), enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of ‘set and forget’ online computer backups.


  • You benefit from the seamless and automatic backup/restore wizard. Our system installs a small program on your computer that runs a computer backup whenever you schedule one to run. If you want a computer backup to run at 3am every day, simply set it and forget it.


  • You enjoy low monthly fees. You can backup more data for less money, and we don’t charge you anything for retrieving your data. Our plans start from as little as $10.00/month.


  • You can retrieve your data in just a matter of clicks. Need to restore your data in a hurry? No problem. Get files back in a flash with the easy restore wizard. Try it out for yourself, with our free 30 day trial.


  • You get flexibility. You can change your service plan to suit your circumstances without fuss.


  • You can speak to a human. You receive outstanding, personalised customer service from human beings, rather than just receiving a stream of impersonal computer messages.


  • You get peace of mind. Your CDs, DVDs, HDDs are safer in our off-site safes. Our safes are secure, fire-proof and explosion-proof.


  • You can stop your business from going out of business. 40% of businesses struck by a major system disaster go out of business within 5 years (Gartner). Secure Your Data will ensure that your business is not another statistic.




If you have any more questions, contact SECURE YOUR DATA today. Or why not download our obligation-free trial for 30 days?